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Marvin, You're the man

Inner City Blues: The Music Of Marvin Gaye (Butterfly)
Just about that time
at the door arrived
eight slick cats
rumor had it
when the grooves dropped
they didn’t know how to act
gathered with love for one brother
it was really happenin’, jack
dudes crowded around, and dug the sound
and said, “Damn, this is where it’s at”
one kid said,

“whoo-weeeh, y’all cats is bad for goodness sakes...”

that jam like no tomorrow
like the future of groove is at stake
another cat said,

“Look at here, uh, what’s happenin man
why y’all layin’ down this (bar?) sound?”


for marvin baby,
that’s right, for marvin baby
the king of gettin’ down


talkin’, talkin’ to the people
tryin’ to get them to feel your stuff
tellin’ em somethin’s going....
’cause it’s, it’s going down
funkanomics is the issue
is the issue
god is the issue
do you have
do you have a groove with you
some groove witcha
groove with you
’cause if you gots the groove
if you really feel you groove
if you think you jam,
groove, groove, groove, roll with you
roll with you
you’re the man
you’re the man


in our time, for you mind
i’m a time, one more time
last time, reachin’ out
i’mma miss you
my lifetime, you were wonderful
immaculate, power act
youth to youth beyond
intelligence and all
woman i’m depended on
rio de say
when you leavin’
my lifetime have some good times
i can be selfish as i can
love to see you dance
chance her, cancer
i keep breakin’ bricks
ooh you the shit, time in zen means forever
put out on your spell on me
wanna raise up
any baby, because i be the woman
you the man you the woman and my shit
ooh you the shit, way too close
to love the pain
i stay gone
in your fatigues
what’s the way to the groove,
in my favorite color blue
can i roll with you
a marina


’cause i gots to roll with you
if you really feel you groove
if you really jam
roll with you
roll with you
you’re the man
you’re the man


from the kingdom of peace
i release energy waves
X marks the spot
where they raid for the flavor
of a 7th wonder
none should put us under
we rain hail and snow
over beats that thunder
like beyond eternal explorer
makes it happen
in the streets of new york
the only word is action just relaxin
takin’ my time, doin’ my thing
studying daily for my tao te ching
the king of my castle, power move maker
queen amina makes it possible for me to live forever
so whatever may come, let it come
you can’t run
number one pop gun
africa’s manchu son
has come with the ammo
cee-know’s manifesto
dedicatin’ this to the young ones in the ghetto
yeah keep it flowin’
got to keep it goin’
live fast not hard
keep it real, young...
chiyoko and armani stand firm like whut
raise your fist, represent
’cause i’m with you little cuz
nothin’ but love
sam won’t understand
it’s in your blood to be ... man


’cause i gots to roll with you
if you feel you groove
if you got a plan
roll with you
roll with you
you’re the man
you’re the man


now check me
...quick, that’s why i can ease and slick
ski i, representin’ my creamy spy clique
style afro
sting your brain like..
feet would glide

white boys hypnotized
the name shines
and your mind goes blind
actin’ like a player,
in civil recline
in these seven oh’s
my uncle stole the show
pretty willy
all fly, coup de villy
my unk punked 8tracks
and leaned in the ‘lac
for the d.c. cee-knows like golden in the mac
you be tellin’ honey
that ish money time
seven’s on the dice
seen ice land on nights, what
unk taught me the ill strut
your hottest ... button...
coked up with proper cut
the pimp turn
cash mind state is earned
which jewels was cool
and which niggas to burn
so lay it on me
play ya ceremony
we paid it good in chocolate L joints
the sound was round
like my fro and plush
sparkle like a diamond
so the hunnies wanna touch
wrapped in my clutches, memories so i
hold it like my daughter
no doubt, she’s so fly
she make me so high
she make me so high
never say goodbye
so i bless you in yo’ essence with this

’cause i gots to roll with you
if you feel you groove
if you got a plan
if you feel you groove, roll with you
roll with you
you’re the man
you’re the man


you’re the man
you’re the man
you’re the man