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Little Renee

Coneheads: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack (All)
go fresh we ghetto gots the natural high
higher than some pluto plus we took off clean
squeezin an amoeba quest six miles tunes
you could get yours peeled like a banana, p
roll one my pant leg up on park side
caps and raps and snaps we in the shoe
kevin in the county i got serious love
fifty thousand leagues of black

d mecca to the 83 shift to 93
cross to the crosswalks struttin down stream
you go past a wall a black sluts right here
where we print the ones to where we kick it from
split to form a line i shine i jazz it east side
scarred for life my right, left a shoulder blade
raise it in the 79 to fresher kids
as a buttercup sprouts squintin up their edge
pimpin off the ledge, limpin fresher heads
trickle down nickels off a butters nappy dreads
rappers see we need, eat, gheeto style
poppin free we in we echo time sylk
130 and my bop friend gates
mixes a slick and a half inch tape
we create to a strum endin in the loathe
then i ???? pictures of butters afro

butterfly swerved the crooklyn blocks when he could
mobbin in my timbers askin mecca what’s poppin

nothin but this bomb ass cut

ahh hah
i dial in sector five and do my vector jive
true my nectar hive makes insects for revolution
quote a line from che, read they frantz fanon
how we freak the bombs that just flush the whole gamut
i cop the verve seekers to support that little habit
close my eyes and speakers for this shit i got love
cousins in the cradle, i limped with jitterbugs
like bird the dope fiend shootin dope
now hoodlums out on flatbush using ladybug quotes
at the fake time and i’m diggin twelves caps peeled
it don’t mean it’s real just cause ella fitz said it
when i die young i want the jazz stacks baby
and danny twist my lungs before they put me in the box
rug burn buzz, cause blood, nope
i don’t gotta set just love and wreck
quickly quickly stick me on say
damn you liquid skin when i kick me gone
me gone, me gone

(Ladybug & Butterfly)
suicide suicide ???????
suicide is bakin in a pl??? car
suicide is reachn out my rap (straight up)
dyin ain’t notin we got love

check the rhyme flow, check how i go
check my main man sylk 130
from mind to matter, from pen to pad
from sector six comes the cosmic jazz
yes i’m the insect, check the logic
come to brooklyn, feel the love kid
crazy dreadlocks, fourty jazz stacks
we got wide groovs, we got cool cats
life ain’t easy but sun ra told me
in the kingdom of not the mind is set free
with the green paint i spray my ghetto tag
pass with the sag now i’m ????
(now he’s ????) (i shoot dope)