Dog It

Blowout Comb (All)
rapping black (x16)

dps forever hit ya’ with the live stuff
sulaiman the bronx ripper on the live puff
v love, that’s my money like dominoes
brooklyn’ll keep it rocking till the sun shows
i pop my junk my junk, i pop my junk my junk
i pop my junk my junk, pop my junk my junk
i pop my junk my junk, like what you want you want
pop my junk my junk, i pop my junk
the noise that we made is blue, in color sound
toys yout play my crew couldn’t walk the new ground
i chalk the new sound
i bop like teddy charles was burning
when i excurse on excursions
arriving at the doors of mind shores of seas
burnt you with degrees solarly
plus my leather jacket, go acid, disappear in the wisp
in the mist, with a fist
proletariat, cadillac steering it
fro soul gold panther crew grab our poppers
now, i’m making bacon
still saying wa ah salam a lakem
fresh joints we make em like water
butter rap treasures at my leisure whatever whatever
so i gave my mind a pound cause y’all we had it down
we symbolize the blessed and represent the rest
grass in my pockets i release my hot rockets
k.b. said what you give em? i was like mad rhythm
that’s my job

rapping black (x8)

eric dolphy always hits me with the live stuff
bahamadia back the sounds with the love love
t.j. and lisa real peoples 89 and still
in fort green on diamond back is where i’m at
feelin’ da funk da funk that’s in the trunk the trunk
i feel the funk da funk, feelin’ the funk da funk
i’m feelin’ funk da funk i’m in the trunk da trunk
feelin’ da funk da funk, i am the funk
i raise everyday for the mass
tote my fist right up right against the fascist
descend to my borough, digs my diction
it’s way on time
fossil watch fifth line still shining
i’m left this year along player
in my vein lives bell hooks derrick bell, reggie butler
see marvin knew it, and sly knew it
cube know it and now we do it outta brooklyn
outta sight brown sandals handelin m.c.s with angles
commit to street corners where the players be jayin
i’m saying a digable swinger
word to mouth brought the clout
’specially in the summer
we vanish like vapor
burn paper
we deal real real so chill
we linger in the funk

rapping black (x8)

yes yes, bus stop what’s up
on the script side
low down the who le mix and flips i six three
jay b and m c baby blue great
do it fluent keep it real and straight

we make it bump de bump
we make it bump se bump
we make it pump se pump
we make it bump

save your corny missions for the tracks you lying on
we got ammunition for the streets we dying on

stones, rocks, subways, blocks, chill mode

loot fold
rebel wit no pause down to die for cause because
dania gotta see a fatter day

it’s saturday i’m looking at the streets as my nikes
cover asphalt digs way the night

my weight crush trash broken glass
play the wall with one foot up
(yo what up ish?) what’s up

the flyer we get the higher we get
good tryers

is good die-ers that it
so i move
we showed and we prove

it’s groove food

what’s going on
you want to see knowledge born, see cee knowledge born
before we fall victim we lick em
i ain’t playin’

meet me at the corner myrtle and adelphi
i bless you with some joints, the mental hollow points
we do it in the park, we do it in the park

i’m fluent after dark, in any situation

my tools, jewels, the nation

that’s how we bump

rapping black (x8)